The Raptis Fishing Fleet

A. Raptis & Sons Pty. Ltd

Raptis owns and operates 15 commercial fishing vessels that work out of the Northern Prawn Fishery, the Gulf of Carpentaria Developmental Finfish Trawl Fishery, the Gulf of Saint Vincent and the Great Australian Bight Trawl Fishery as well as participating in many international fishing operations.

Raptis embraces new technology to improve their fishing operations, in particular to minimize the impact on the environment. Raptis have installed Turtle Excluder Devices (TED’s) on their trawl vessels which allow turtles, sharks and rays to escape capture, whilst also minimizing damage to prawns within the net.  Raptis have employed sophisticated T90 trawl nets which are designed to capture larger target species and allow smaller and non-target individual species to escape the trawl net.

Separation hoppers are installed on all of Raptis prawn trawlers, and are used to separate high quality prawns from any untargeted catch. The prawns descend to the bottom of the hopper allowing the untargeted catch to float to the top where they are washed back into to the ocean resulting in a lower mortality rate of discards.

The Raptis prawn trawling fleet of vessels have also been upgraded to ensure the quality of the seafood is of the highest standard. Conveyors have been installed that allow for more efficient handling of the prawns from the ocean automatically depositing the prawns into large sea water filled tanks for chilling, without delay, on board snap freezing follows so that product can be frozen and stored until transported to land.

Raptis are leaders in the Australian wild caught seafood industry and are paving the way towards a future where Australia’s valuable fish stocks are managed in a sustainable manner and available for many generations to come. We understand the importance of embracing new technology, and this along with our dedicated staff and our reputation for high quality seafood has helped us develop into one of the most successful fishing companies in Australia.