Supermarket Division

Raptis Fish Markets

Raptis has supplied fresh & frozen seafood to major Australian supermarket chains since 1999. Our seafood products are now found in supermarkets across the country.

Our recently developed range of fresh pre-packed “Ready-to-go” seafood products in portion controlled take-home packs have become increasingly popular as consumers search for ever more convenient ways to buy, transport and enjoy seafood at home. Promising a wide variety of flavours, styles and tastes these products have been developed by Ratpis' food scientists to exacting quality standards and in understanding of changing consumer tastes.

Raptis has developed close working relationships with supermarkets allowing their customers to enjoy a reliable supply and wide variety of their products. Raptis supports supermarket chains with daily deliveries through extensive supply networks including catches from its own fishing fleet of vessels. Raptis has implemented a quality control system for its seafood range which must meet the strictest quality standards to ensure only the freshest seafood is presented to the Australian consumer.