A Raptis Story

As a migrant worker in the 1930’s Arthur Raptis Senior (Sr) sought employment in the industry he knew best, fishing. In the 1950’s the family moved to Adelaide and his wife Anna opened a fish and chip shop.

Anna and Arthur Raptis Sr had strong entrepreneurial spirits, and soon they began filleting their catch for local shops. Within a few years their entrepreneurial spirit had spread to their four sons and daughter, who developed the business into seafood wholesale and retail businesses in Adelaide. Half a century on, A. Raptis and Sons Pty Ltd (Raptis) has become one of Australia’s largest privately owned vertically integrated fishing companies in Australia. The company is proudly owned by the Raptis Family and has established a local and international reputation for responsible fishing and the supply of quality seafood products. Raptis seafood products can be found in many Australian supermarkets, local retail outlets and international markets.

Australian Owned and Operated

Raptis owns and operates 15 commercial fishing vessels.
  • - Northern Prawn Fishery (Prawns)
  • - Northern Territory Demersal Fishery (Fish)
  • - The Great Australian Bight Trawl Fishery (Fish)

Raptis are leaders in the Australian wild caught seafood industry. We are paving the way towards a future where Australia’s valuable fish stocks are managed in a sustainable manner and available for many generations to come.

We understand the importance of embracing new technology, and use this to ensure our high quality seafood is maintained through each process from ocean to plate.

The Next Generation

Arty Raptis CEO

Arty Raptis, CEO and 3rd generation Raptis family member, is excited to be leading the company towards a new phase of growth and innovation and is strongly committed to the Raptis philosophy of responsible fishing to achieve ecologically sustainable marine resources.

“We understand the importance of adopting new technology – Raptis prides itself on investment in innovation across a wide range of fishing and processing applications both on land and at sea,” says Arty. “We spend a lot of effort, time and money on sustainability as one of the most important issues facing the company and future generations of Australians.”

Arty continues to embrace the company’s long-standing culture and heritage, whilst welcoming and educating a new generation of staff and fisherman in state-of-the-art sustainable fishing practices.

And at the end of the day, Arty insists it all comes back to one simple Raptis family promise – “unrivalled quality and consistency through sustainable and environmentally responsible fishing practises”.