Raptis has been exporting natural wild caught seafood to the world for over forty years.

Initially trade was concentrated on the Japanese, European and USA markets however in recent years it has expanded into emerging markets in Asia, Middle East and Oceania.

Raptis factories established the now famous Ocean Pearl branded products which have a global reputation for quality and consistency. The Raptis fishing fleet were pioneers in on board handling and processing thus continuing this quality standard which our customers now enjoy.

Raptis has forged many long term relationships with companies in key markets who rely on Raptis’ consistent market presence and reliable supply.

In addition to the four main Australian prawn species exported by Raptis our product line has been expanded to include other seasonal items such as Mullet roe, Scallop meat, Moreton Bay bugs and fin fish. In addition Raptis also trades third country products such as Indonesian Banana prawns and is also sourcing some unique products from other countries for sale in Australia.

As the company expands its fishing and processing buiness, exports continue to grow along with business in the domestic market as prawn consumption locally increased.

Should you require more information on how you can obtain our products in your market